I’m interested in joining the choir.  What do I do?
Please visit our Join Us page, give our office a call at 403-686-7444 or send an email to office@calgarygirlschoir.com. We look forward to meeting you and having you sing with us!

Can I sit in on a rehearsal?
We are always excited to welcome interested singers to our rehearsals!  To arrange for a visit, please call 403-686-7444 or email artisticcoordinator@calgarygirlschoir.com
We also host a bring a friend day once or twice a year.

I was in the choir last year.  How do I register for next year?
Register here.

How do I renew my choir membership?
Once the office receives your registration request, your membership will be renewed online. If you have multiple choristers to renew, repeat the above process with each chorister’s email login.

I cannot log in!
If you’ve checked that you’ve typed your email address and password correctly and that you’re using the correct email address, and you still receive an error message saying “Sorry, we could not log you in. Please try resetting your password by clicking the “Forgot password” link, also found here: http://calgarygirlschoir.com/Sys/ResetPasswordRequest
If you have reset your password and the new password still does not work, please call our office at 403-686-7444 or email us at office@calgarygirlschoir.com.

What email address do I use to log in?
To log into a chorister’s account, use the e-mail address you provided in their registration form.  If you are unsure what e-mail address you provided to us, please contact us at 403-686-7444 or at office@calgarygirlschoir.com. If you have multiple choristers, each should have a unique email address. To update profile information, use the appropriate email address for the account you wish to modify.

What is my password?  How do I change my password?
If you have never been to the member website before, you need to set your password before you can access the member website.  Please visit the following link to set your password here: http://calgarygirlschoir.com/Sys/ResetPasswordRequest  You can also use the “Forgot password” link just under the login box.

How do I reset my password?
Please visit the following link to reset your password: http://calgarygirlschoir.com/Sys/ResetPasswordRequest
You can also use the “Forgot password” link just under the login box.

How do I change my email address?
Log into our website, then click on “View profile” in the upper right.  Click the “Edit” button to change your email address, among your other profile details. Please ensure your email address is typed correctly to ensure you do not miss vital choir communications. Remember that your e-mail address is also your login name, so you will need to use the new e-mail address to login in the future.

How do I check my profile information?
Log into our website, then click on “View profile” in the upper left. Click the “Edit” button to make corrections to your profile details.

How do I volunteer?
To learn more about available opportunities contact the office at artisticcoordinator@calgarygirlschoir.com for available opportunities.