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New singers are required to attend a placement meeting with our Artistic Director prior to registration: BOOK HERE. This friendly meeting will ensure that we find the best fit for your daughter’s voice in the choir.  

Viva’s rehearsals occur on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:30 pm at Knox Presbyterian Church – 3904 37 Street SW. 

Viva (lively) choristers, in grades 4 to 7, enjoy a program designed to advance their musical skills and build a wide and varied range of repertoire. They rehearse once a week to focus on the development of vocal technique and musicianship through artistic interpretation and performance. As choristers learn Solfège – a relative pitch system which uses pitch syllables (do, re, mi, etc.) they develop a keen musical ear and further improve their ability to read music. Their beautiful singing is a model for all, and evidence of the high standard that can be achieved by young singers.

Choristers will participate in vocal coaching, diction, language & theory learning during rehearsals and will be provided with supplementary aural, written and video materials.  Additional learning opportunities with guest conductors, clinicians and other specialists will be offered. 

Book a Placement Meeting Here!

For more information on the Kodály approach to music education (including Solfège), click here.