Viva Chorister, Age 10

I love how kind and welcoming the other girls are

No matter how I feel when I come to choir rehearsal, singing always brings me so much joy.  I love how kind and welcoming the other girls are, the beautiful music we get to sing and how important we are to Mrs.Q.

Viva Chorister

I like to sing…

I like to sing because I feel I can express myself through singing.  I feel like it gives me freedom. It makes me forget about my worries.


Kansas Kami

You inspire me to follow music

“There are no words I can use to describe how much you mean to me, from year one I have loved the way you dance and sing around the room, how much you care and love music…you inspire me to follow music….I want you to know you enhance my life and I know everyone says they love you, but I am saying this from the crevasses of my soul.”


Conductor of the Cantala Women’s Choir in Toronto, ON. Nancy (Frank) Singla

I credit who I am as a musician today to you.

“I credit who I am as a musician today to you. As a growing child you were my mentor – a rainbow of inspiration – I have learnt so much from you! …. I (went) to school with people that have had good musical experiences….but mine was insurmountable. You are example of superior musicianship to me. Your infectious love and excitement for music has shaped who I am.”

Kansas (choral camp) Shayla Ingalls

Thank you!

“Helping me to realize my true potential and teaching me how to truly understand music. I have learned more in this short week then I have in all my years of taking choir. I am forever grateful!”

Kansas (choral camp) Michelle Tripoli

I can’t wait for next year!

“I can’t tell you how much I love love love coming to camp each year! You have helped me improve not just in my singing, but in my overall confidence and state of mind. Thank you for EVERYTHING that you do. I can’t wait for next year!”

The girls sparkled and shone!

“The Viva-Dolce Showcase was a wonderful evening. Thanks for your commitment, your professionalism, artistry, and vision. The girls sparkled and shone; it was if they were at play and we were allowed in their world of fun. The music was
beautiful and the choice of pieces so appropriate and yet so vast in scope. It was a privilege to hear my daughter sing and to see her shine. Thanks for bringing the music inside her out to play.”

– Angela Bond Schmidt, Choir Parent

You could have heard a pin drop while the girls sang!

“Thanks so much for your exquisite performance at the fundraising gala for The Tooth Fairy Children’s Foundation! Your music created a very special evening – you could have heard a pin drop while the girls sang!”

– October 2011

Food for the soul.

“Thank you for filling our home with music. I think of it as food for the soul.”

– Choir Parent

You’re a wonderfully great person!

“You brighten up everyone’s day and I always come and leave with a smile on my face!You aren’t just a great conductor, you’re a wonderfully great person.

– Shayla