Sponsorship Opportunities


Uniform Fund

The Calgary Girls Choir is looking into replacing, updating and maintaining the look of the choir. We are looking for individuals, corporate partners and the community help us in doing so.

The Calgary Girls Choir has held onto the tartan uniforms for our Junior Choirs (Prima, Bella, Dolce) for 20 years now! As we enter our 20th Anniversary year we are looking for a face lift and update!

Our Brava choir has had their uniforms for a long time. As our young girls become young women we want them to look a professional and polished part while performing. Their voices are strong and beautiful and we want their uniforms to reflect that same look on stage.

Viva is our middle choir and as our young girls move from elementary school into junior high, we want their uniform to reflect that too.

For more information contact Wendy France, Office Manager at 403.686.7444.

Corporate Sponsorship

Giving to the Calgary Girls Choir is a rewarding experience that directly connects you to the production and performance of our choirs to its audience.

The mission of the Calgary Girls Choir is to give young women a voice.

The CGC is known for its gorgeous resonant tone, impeccable technique and for the artistry and sincerity of its performances. Recording, touring and the commissioning of new choral works are exciting and ambitious undertakings of the senior choirs. All of these activities enrich the experience of each girl involved and enrich the entire choral community. These projects help the Calgary Girls Choir to fulfill its mandate to serve as a model and inspiration for others.

The Calgary Girls Choir offers a rich and varied opportunity for girls and young women to find music, mentorship, self-confidence and personal growth through an exemplary program of music education and performance.

Your corporate support is an investment in Calgary’s youth and enriches not only the lives of those within our choir but the quality of life in our city by connecting music to the ears and hearts of Calgarians and audiences around the globe.

For more information about supporting the CGC contact Wendy France, Office Manager at 403.686.7444.

Program Fees Financial Assistance Fund

Some girls are born to sing, but not all of these girls have the financial means to participate. The Calgary Girls Choir is dedicated to assisting these families by providing up to half of program fees in assistance. Our ability to help is of course dependent upon the amount of funds available. Your contributions will allow us to offer our unique program to more talented girls.

For more information contact Wendy France, Office Manager at 403.686.7444.

Performance Venues

The Calgary Girls Choir produces special concerts at Christmas time and our finale concert in the spring. It is our opportunity to showcase the talents of all of our choirs from Prima to Brava on the stage in a world class facility with guest artists and orchestral ensembles. It is the first experience for many of our singers to sing in such a large venue for such a large and appreciative audience. Your contributions will help make this experience unforgettable for both our choirs and our audience.

For more information, contact Simone Fisher, Artistic Director, at 403.686.7444.

Corporate sponsorships for these concert are available. Please contact the office for more details.

Other Opportunities

The CGC has Choir camps and workshops for all choir levels. These camps and workshops enrich the quality of sound and choral knowledge while having fun.

The CGC also has special concerts, events and performances which all need support. These concerts, events and performances all have expenses attached to them and could use the support and contribution from corporations and individuals in the community.

For more information, contact Simone Fisher, Artistic Director, at 403.686.7444.