Junior Program

The Junior Program provides our youngest singers with a firm foundation of basic music skills and music literacy to prepare them for further study. The Kodály-based program is for children four to ten years of age (Grade 1 to Grade 5), offered in a small class size that encourages a personal educational relationship. In a playful atmosphere, the singers acquire the ability to hear and think music.

Artistic Director, Elaine Quilichini, designed the Junior Program based on her many successful years as a teacher and professional instructor of teachers in the Kodály method at the University of Calgary and numerous seminars and workshops.

The Kodály philosophy of music education aims to instill a love and joy for music in students while guiding them to develop music literacy and experience great music. That joy and personal independence will lead singers to have a lifelong love of singing and the confidence to pursue it in future situations. “Teach a man to fish and he will never be hungry” is an expression we all understand. Ms. Quilichini believes we might very well say, “teach a child to read music and they will always make music.”

The CGC junior music program is based on the Kodaly philosophy and a commitment to providing an enriched musical experience based on the pursuit of excellence.


Dolce (Sweetly) is for girls in grades 1-5.

In the junior program the girls will follow the Kodály-based approach and continue to focus on in tune singing, movement and musical literacy, The artistic and musical response to the songs they sing is developed further and the girls develop an increased awareness of musical elements in their repertoire. Dolce choristers soon become very familiar with rhythm reading and solfa. Solfa is an approach to teaching sight singing that uses the movable doh – re -mi syllables to develop the inner ear and which enables the singers to become independent readers of music.

Please note that our previous “Bella” program has now merged with the Dolce program.

Senior Program

The Original Calgary Girls Choir 1995.

Ms. Quilichini directs the Calgary Girls Choir senior program. The senior choirs include Viva (Grades 4-7) and Brava (Grades 7 and up). The choir welcomes choristers up to 24 years of age. Each of these choirs has gained an international reputation for excellence through their performances, recordings and tours.

The choirs have won major prizes at the Vienna Music Festival, the Llangollen international Musical Eisteddfod and in local, provincial and national competitions within Canada. On their Italy concert tour they were honored to sing mass at St Mark’s Basilica and the Vatican. Local performance highlights include appearances as members of the Inter-Faith Youth Choir that welcomed the Daliai Lama to Calgary, performances at the Olympic Torch Celebration and the showcase concerts for Choralfest in 2009 and 2010.

During the summer of 2013 the Brava choir toured Oregon to attend Piccfest and for the fourth time, they were announced as winners of the CBC ACCC Competition!


Viva (Alive) choristers, grades four to seven (Grades 4-7), enjoy a program designed to advance their musical skills and build new repertoire. They meet once a week and focus on the development of vocal technique and musicianship through artistic interpretation and performance. Viva continues to serve as a model for all as to the high standard that can be achieved by


Brava (Excellent) is for singers in grade seven through college and university. The maturity and polish that Brava members are able to bring to their performances has earned them a stellar reputation worldwide as a leader amongst the top youth choirs. Their exceptional tone quality, intonation and musically sensitive performances inspire all who aspire to choral excellence. Their credits and accomplishments are a testament to their willingness to push the boundaries of their abilities and to give their all in the service of the choral art. They are an inspiration to all who hear them.

CGC Summer Camp

Calgary Girls Choir offers a fun opportunity during the summer. Join us in 2018 and have fun with new friends while you sing, dance and play your way to becoming a better musician!

Informal performances will be held on the last day of camp for parents and friends to hear and see your progress!