Choir History

The image features the original Calgary Girls Choir 1995

Original Choir

The Calgary Girls Choir is a collection of five choral ensembles, offering exceptional choral music education and performance opportunities for girls and young women ages four to twenty-four years.

The choir was founded in 1995 by Elaine Quilichini, and has since experienced tremendous growth and earned a stellar reputation in the choral community, gaining worldwide recognition and acclaim for its inspiring performances and many accomplishments.

The range of the Choir includes folk song through contemporary classical music, with the emphasis always placed on a repertoire of the highest quality. The philosophy that “only the best is good enough” has been a constant guiding principle. CGC is known for gorgeous resonant tone, impeccable technique and repertoire and for the artistry and sincerity of its performances.

It is no surprise that the choir’s exceptional reputation and excellence has welcomed 300 choristers each choir year.

The Calgary Girls Choir gives young women a voice and our choristers are truly talented!