The fundraising program is primarily designed to provide a non-cash alternative for parents to cover a portion of choir fees, with the minimum fundraising amount per level considered a part of cumulative tuition.  Families are highly encouraged to fundraise over minimums to help off-set their chorister’s costs for tours, camps and subsequent year’s fees.  With a little bit of planning and strategic spending, families have found the following campaigns allow them to reach their financial goals quickly and easily.

Individuals from outside our community are very welcome to purchase from our campaigns as a way of showing support to our programs for young women.  Please contact if you’d like to purchase from one of our campaigns or if you have any questions.

Campaign Campaign Dates Delivery Dates
Co-op Gift Cards September
early October
early March
end of May
TeamFund (including Spolumbos) Launch October 10
Orders Due October 30
November 10
Purdys Chocolates Christmas Campaign November Last December rehearsal
SPUD Ongoing throughout Season Ongoing
Indigo On-Line Ongoing throughout Season Ongoing