Brava (Grade 7 to University),  has earned a stellar reputation as a leader amongst the top youth choirs. The maturity, polish and excellence of the senior choir is the result of exceptional training in vocal technique, musicianship and artistic interpretation. The girls develop a passion for creating beautiful sound while pushing the boundaries of the choral experience by learning and creating within all styles and genres. Lifelong friendships are fostered and their accomplishments are a testament to their dedication, musical proficiency and industrious attitude, all in the pursuit of choral excellence. 

For our 25th Anniversary Season (2020-2021), we will be working with three scenarios that allow our choral training program to continue while accommodating the ongoing AHS pandemic safety measures: Online Scenario; Combined Scenario and Live Singing Scenario. Contact us for more information about our learning plan for the Fall. 

Brava rehearsals take place Thursdays 5:30 – 8:30 pm (St Matthew’s United Church in the case of a live scenario), but the times may be altered somewhat to accommodate the learning format. Interested singers are required to attend a placement meeting with our Artistic Director prior to Fall registration. This friendly meeting will ensure that we find the best fit for your singer.  

Book a Placement Meeting

Our 25th year will be a season of growth, transition and hope as We Sing On!!!

For more information on the Kodály approach to music education (including Solfège), click here.