Dolce (sweetly)


Choristers in Dolce (age 5-Grade 4) enjoy a program that is very active and fun! In this Kodály-based program, choristers develop musicianship through traditional children’s folk songs, art...

Viva (lively)


Viva (lively) choristers, Grades 4-7, enjoy a program designed to advance their musical skills and build a wide and varied range of repertoire. They meet once a week to focus on the development of vocal technique and musicianship through artistic interpretation and performance.

Brava (capable, commendable)


Brava (capable, commendable) is for young women in Grade 7 through university. They meet weekly for a three-hour rehearsal where they work on tonal quality, articulation, expression, diction, musicality, vocal support, Solfa and musical literacy while learning an incredible repertoire of music.